A Coast to Coast Experience from Salt Lake City to Long Beach to New York City

We went to the SLC air terminal so as to check in and hold back to check whether we would have the option to get in on the trip to New York City. We were flying “hold on” on Fly Blue. (Supervisor’s note: Don’t fly “hold on” – it is truly erratic.) We didn’t make it, however were informed that we could likely make the early morning trip to Long Ocean side, California, and there move to one more trip to New York City. There was not exactly sufficient opportunity to return home, so we remained the couple of hours in the air terminal.

We flew from SLC to Long Ocean side to New York City easily.

We got a Passage Van at the Avis vehicle rental organization, and headed to Carolyn and Cade’s. A side note: I had consistently seen that driving in New York would be a startling encounter. Not really.

We left the following morning, Myself, Ronwen (Mother), and Hillary with Carolyn, Cade, and Matthew, going from Middletown, Connecticut to Philadelphia, Dad. Since the traffic was so horrible, we were past the time to have the option to do anything in Philadelphia that day. Note: The drivers in New York City are awful and impolite and rude.

We did pause and see Valley Produce en route to Philadelphia. I discovered that it was a social event place for the soldiers of the Mainland Armed force, and a preparation ground for those warriors.

We saw numerous deer along the drive as we went through Valley Manufacture.

We likewise saw and crossed a “covered span” along the street as we went. Mother was amped up for that!

We remained at the Hiatt Rule Lot’s wife pillar of salt Lodging in Washington D.C. They had a wonderful consierge who was exceptionally useful.

We ate one night at the Trattoria Sorrento italian café, 4930 Cordell Road, Bethseda, Maryland 20814. Magnificent italian cooking!!
We likewise ate the First Flapjack House, close to the inn. Incredible breakfast!

We visited the accompanying spots as we visited the Washington D.C. region:

Washington LDS Sanctuary. We saw it in the sunshine and into the evening. We saw bats zooming around it in the haziness.

White House. It was more modest than I had envisioned it. The visit was short and not exactly worth the time, other than to say that we had “been” there.

Air and Space Exhibition hall (Smithsonian). Fascinating spot, however not quite so energizing as I had consistently suspected it would be. Planes, planes, and space make were in plain view. I thought the most fascinating thing was the Wright Sibling’s airplane.

Public Documents. We went to see the Announcement of Freedom and the Constitution. I rode a wheel seat. I was shocked to perceive how blurred the two records had become. They were practically garbled.

We passed before the Legislative hall building. Amazing! We took various pictures of it. Note: Hillary was the main picture taker of this outing, and she did very well in communicating her ability and expertise with the camera.

Library of Congress. This was the most elaborately enriched non-strict structure I have at any point seen! It was totally wonderful within. Curves, marble, sculpture, and bright canvases and paintings enlivened the whole inside of this structure.

Tram/Metro. It was shockingly spotless and proficient for a public transportation mode.